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  • Handle an upgrade
  • Add extra
  • Renew a subscription
                                            curl https://api.pixxett.com/v1/pricing_plans \
                                            -u px_HFresv23sdfrtkHDTYKC4567: \
                                            -d amount=1500 \
                                            -d interval=month \
                                            -d id=professional \
                                            -d currency=usd \
                                            -d name="professional"
                                            curl https://api.pixxett.com/v1/customers \
                                            -u px_HFresv23sdfrtkHDTYKC4567: \
                                            -d "description=Customer for demo@yoursite.com" \
                                            -d card=pixx_IrrKegI23sasdfdfYBHdfryKLK5 \
                                            -d plan=premium
                                            curl https://api.pixxett.com/v1/subscriptions/PciTPzBUi4545jX \
                                            -u px_jnsdiGNCDssk;l6787kmklgf: \
                                            -d plan=premium
                                            curl https://api.pixxett.com/v1/subscriptions/sdfsdfmfbITPzBUijjX \
                                            -u px_jnsdiGNCDssk;l6787kmklgf: \
                                            -d plan=premium \
                                            -d quantity=20

Create different plans

You can set up an unlimited number of plans either via the API or the Dashboard. Try it out.

Sign up a customer

You can create customer objects to save a user's payment info securely. Once you have plans and customers, you can subscribe them to a plan.

Handle an upgrade

If your users want to switch a plan (or change their billing cycle), Pixxett takes care of figuring out how much they owe, even if it's in the middle of a month.

Add seats

If you have plans which need to take the number of users into account, just update the quantity of the plan.

Pixxett automatically handles renewals

Once you've added a customer to a plan, Pixxett automatically handles charging your user based on the billing cycle you've set up.

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